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Excellent cost performance

Our website offers the same (or more) functions as what other Vacation Rentals websites shall offer.

Non-English-speaking market

All Vacation Rentals websites are written in English and are thus designed for same prospective renters. Our website is designed not only for English speakers but also for non-English speakers.

Why Japan?

Japan is the second-largest economy of the world after the United States. Japan's population is 130 million, and 18 million of them travel abroad every year. However, they do not know anything about Vacation Rentals. Can you introduce your facility to the Japanese people with a better rate yet a more luxurious setting than hotels?

Effective investment

How many Vacation Rentals websites do you register? However many English-written websites you register, you can lend your facility to only your English-speakers. Our website is designed not only for English-speakers but also for native Japanese. Our website offers much larger business opportunities with the same (or the lower) fee as other websites.

Expanding your chance

With the effective SEO by experts, your facility can be viewed by more people. We conduct marketing and improve our site on a daily basis to increase the number of viewers.

Our mission

We manage and operate our website in such a way that travelers can enjoy their trip with Vacation Rentals and that Vacation Rentals owner can get a lot of profit with minimum investment. In addition, introducing the excellent culture of Vacation Rentals to Japan, we can change the style of overseas travel of Japanese people (and those from other Asian countries in the future).