Owner/Manager Frequently Asked Questions & Answers

Account Management

How do I get UserID?

You can specify your UserID by a favorite word or the character string. UserID should be from 4 to 30 characters. Please note that you cannot change UserID later.

How do I change my password?

To change your password, simply log in to your account via the "Owner/Manager Login". Once you are inside your account, simply click on "Change Password". To set a new password, you should enter a current password.

How do I change Email address or other personal information?

To change your password, simply log in to your account via the "Owner/Manager Login". Once you are inside your account, simply click on "Edit Owner Information" in "Owner Page". You can change your personal information.
Note: The email address you enter is used for the communication from us and all account correspondence, including inquiries from potential renters. Please change the Email address carefully not to make a mistake.

How can I create a secure password?

Use a combination of at least 6 to 8 letters, numbers or special characters. And use words that cannot be found in the dictionary. Do NOT use your name, your spouse’s name, your pet’s name, birthday, favorite food or any personal information that others can easily obtain.

I forgot my password, what can I do?

You can request your password from our lost password page here. When you forgot a password, we make your password newly and send it to you in Email. Email is not secure. Therefore, you must change the password to a new one after receiving a new password with Email.


How can I get membership?

The account registration of Property Owner or Manager is free. After you register the member, you can list your properties free for one month. To list your properties following one free month, you should buy membership. Please check the "Payment" column of "Property Management" list of "Owner Page" to buy the membership for property listing.

Are there some limitations during a free month?

There is no limitations. You can use it like purchased membership except that a period is one month.

How do I pay the membership?

You can pay in credit card or PayPal. Even if you do not have an account of PayPal, you can pay by a credit card.

How to buy membership continuance?

You can buy membership for 2 months when membership lapses. Your list is listed without a break by the membership continuance purchase.

How can I view my order history?

Please click "View Order History" of "Owner Page". You can refer to Payment History up to 50.


When will my listing be live?

Your listing will be published live on the site promptly after you updated it. The data which you can update are basic information, a photo of Property, a reservation calendar, rate list.

How do I modify my property listing details?

After login, you can edit information on registered property by using "Owner Page". The edit of information on registered properties clicks "Edit" icon of the property list. In "Property Management", you can do the upload of the property photo, the calendar management and the registration of the rental rate.

How can I preview my listing?

Your property page is viewed by clicking "View" icon of property list in "Property Management" of "Owner Page". You have to often refer to your property listing page to confirm accuracy of the Property information.

What is a Special Offer?

A Special Offer is a limited-time advertisement to promote your rental rate discount or a deal on extra rental services. To draw greater attention to your property display, the setup of Special Offer is effective. You can set up two Special Offers. It is convenient to display by a set format (Select discount rate or discount amount by Night, Week, and Month). If you cannot set up here, you can set up Special Offer you freely select. In that case, please write about the content of Special Offer on the “Explanation” column. Here you can use the HTML tag for special service.

Can I list multiple properties?

Yes, you can. Please register your property in "Add Property" in "Owner Page". The list of property becomes effective immediately if you do "Payment" of the property which you registered. The listing fee will be discounted according to the number of properties that you registered.

Can I list facilities explanation with a free format?

Most facilities should be chosen from the list which we already listed. However, when equipment doesn't exist in the list, or you want to write special comment, you can write to "Others" column. The HTML tag cannot be used for "Others" column.

Can I use a third party availability calendar?

Yes, you can use a third party availability calendar. If you want to use A third party availability calendar, "I have my own calendar with a link." in a "Calendar" column of "Add Property" page or "Edit Property" page. If you click "Manage" icon of the property list, "Property Management" page is browsed.

How do I upload my property photos?

Please click "Photo Management" of "Property Management". You can browse "Property Photo Uploader". You can upload 12 property photos by "Property Photo Uploader". Because the photo of the first piece is used for the thumbnail of the retrieval result list, the cover shot of properties might be good.

What kind of photo should I prepare?

The traveler checks the retrieval result list, and browses the property page. Therefore, the first photograph is the most important. Other photos should upload the following photographs.
1.Living room area, family room, game room, kitchen, dining room, each bedroom, each bathroom
2.Lanai, balcony, patio, deck, gazebo, outdoor kitchen, fire pit, etc.
3.Special features that are unique to your property: large HDTV, fireplace, private pool, etc.
4.Community features such as pool, hot tub, gym, BBQ area, park, tennis courts, playground, etc.
5.Nearby attractions: beach, skiing, ballpark, golf course, bike path, etc.
6.Rough sketch of facilities

What are format and size of supported photo?

Photo must be data saved either by JPEG or GIF or PNG, and its size must be under 1 MByte. Our web page is shown with VGA Size (640X480pixels), so a data larger than that is preferable (If larger than VGA, it will automatically be fixed to VGA size). We consider information provided by photo is an important standard by which your property is chosen by Renters. They would not want to choose such a property that is not beautifully shown on photo. Therefore, photo registered must be a beautiful one that has full contrast and brightness.

How do I add a video to my listing?

You can add the video registered in YouTube™ to your listing. Please add YouTube™ video ID with "Add Property" of "Owner Page" or the Edit icon of the list of properties. Video ID is XXXXXXXXXXX part of your Video URL http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XXXXXXXXXXX.

The period that can be registered in calendar?

You can register availability information by clicking displayed dates of calendar. There are three kinds of registration in terms of period: Reserved, Tentative, Not Available.

How do I edit an existing reservation?

For the already registered period, please click it on calendar. Click the date that has already been registered if you want to change "Arrival Date" or "Departure Date". And click the date of the calendar which you want to register newly. After a change, you must click an SUBMIT button.

How do I delete a reservation?

For the already registered period, please click it on calendar. If you click the DELETE button after it confirms it, registered information is deleted.

Can I Use A Third Party Availability Calendar?

If you choose "I have my own calendar with a link" on "Add Property" or property edit page, you can specify URL of the calendar that you have already used.

How do I set my property rental rates?

Please click "Rental Rates and Fees Management" of "Property Management". You can browse "Rental Rates and Fees Management". You can register 10 Periods for Rate information. Please select Period Name, Begins Date, and Ends Date. For either Night, Week, or Month or for all of them, please set up the accommodation rate for Night, Week, and/or Month. Next, please select policies of Taxes, Cleaning Fee, and Deposit. You can freely write on “Other Fee” column for other fees and payment structure.

Is the cancellation policy necessary?

You must specify conditions regarding the acceptance of cancellation. In other words, you express your thoughts on cancellation and cancellation fee.


How can I accept credit cards for my vacation rental?

Credit cards are a convenient way to collect deposits, confirm bookings and improve your cash flow. We recommend PayPal as the means how you acquire money safely. Please refer to the site of PayPal for details.


How can I respond to a guest review?

You can delete POST of clear false. Should the posted content be false, please contact our webmaster by email and offer reason for deletion. However, you can only remove posts that contain false statements.